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ralphuncensored's Journal

Ralph Uncensored
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Welcome to Ralph Uncensored!

This community was created to allow posting of ANYTHING relating to Ralph Fiennes - images, fics, thoughts, feelings, news, rumours etc. And because Ralph loves his younger brother, the comm is open for anything Joseph related as well !

Members, if you have a fic or icon journal, or a Ralph related website, please let us know and we will provide a link on the journal page for you!

How to join:
There are three ways to join; by being invited, by being recommended by a current member or by request. If you are recommended by a friend, have her drop the mods a line about you. If you are requesting to join, click the link above, but also email us telling why you would like to be a member. We will also take a look at your journal and your user info to make our determinations. Please note that not all applications will be approved.

**********In order for us to approve your membership,**********
you must show somewhere in your user info that you are at least 21 years of age.

"The Rules"

Posting entries:
Post away, but please do NOT use teeny bopper language. (Chat speak)
Images are not required, but always welcome. :)

Adding comments:
You are free to disagree with any poster, but do so in a proper way.
No flaming, please be civil.
No anonymous posts will be allowed!

Posting images:
Large images under cut
Full frontal/butt: state warning and place under cut - some of us reads journal while at work and not all of us has a boss that appreaciates a naked Ralph *g*

Posting fics:
Place under cut, please
Post ratings, warnings and any disclaimers

Warning: explicit language / content / images will most likely occur
If you are under the age of consent in your country, please do not join this community.


Additional info...
This is a friends only community. There will be no anonymous posting allowed. But, please feel free to recommend those on your flist that you think would be interested in joining.

So, go forth... be creative... post and have fun!

ralphuncensored is moderated by bijou69